What we do

Founded in 2014, Fran Hickman’s interior and architectural design studio is driven by a profound belief in the capacity of good design to shape how people behave. The studio’s work is underpinned by a clear understanding of the critical role that built environments play in daily life. Form follows function, of course, but feeling is vital too. Design the right feeling into the right function and the right form will follow.

Interior design is inherently social. Whether it’s the corporeal intimacy of the home, the efficient harmony of an office, the theatrical spectacle of a club or the seductive luxury of fashion retail, the studio understands the power of good design to drive desirable behaviour.

Across the breadth of possible interior and architectural design commissions – from high-end commercial and office space through food and beverage to private homes – what ties all Fran’s work together is the relationship between people and space. The objective is not simply to make spaces feel special, but to make people feel special within them.

With a base in London and an office in NYC, the studio is engaged in projects across three continents, while its lead-agency expertise is supported by an international network of partner agencies.

Operating at a global level obliges the studio to off-set its carbon consumption completely and consider the long term impacts of its creative choices. The studio reduces, reuses and recycles all its materials in-house and is continuously updating its knowledge in relation to sustainability and the built environment.