Townhouse Holland Park

The common thread running through the interior of this townhouse is tactility. A linen canopy bed; a cashmere upholstered sofa; an alpaca wool bouclé carpet: each inviting the hand to touch and linger. With their shared mastery of natural materials and organic forms, Scandinavian and French design classics mingle. In the living room, a pair of Arctander armchairs next to a Jeanneret daybed: the creamy palette of whites on wood offset by the drama of moss-green velvet but the décor always sublimates to calm.

Home to a young woman with exacting taste and a perfectionist’s eye for detail, the studio repainted, refinished, restored and refurnished. Each room calling for made to measure fixtures and fittings, drawn up by the studio and built by trusted British artisans. A guest bed of blue wool stretching out over a walnut frame. A nine metre wall, the length of the reception room, creating the opportunity for bespoke shelving made from Italian stone and timber cantilevering into a bench. As ever with the studio, a collaboration between client and designer in which there is no imposition of plan, just the owner’s sensibility articulated into interior style.

Photographer: Annabel Elston
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