Huishan Zhang Mayfair

A Flagship Store for a Rising Star of Haute Couture

Huishan Zhang’s collections offer romance and sophistication: feminine details, strong lines and directional design. His signature style consciously brings together Western influence and Eastern heritage; and our interior for his flagship London store closely reflects this brand philosophy.

An interconnected pair of moon gates – common architectural features in the traditional Chinese garden – link the two rooms at the heart of the shop, grounding Zhang’s identity and highlighting the dualism at play in his work. At the same time as obscuring a structurally-significant beam, they echo the shape of the number eight – a potent and auspicious number in Chinese numerology.

Zhang’s own approach is utterly timeless. So evoking a landscape shaped by 3,000 years of tradition felt entirely appropriate. His decorative femininity is reflected in the delicate, hand-painted, floral borders; the permanence of rock and solidity of wood in the granite and cedar storage blocks; and – in what is often considered the most important aspect of Chinese garden tradition – the concept of jiè jìng (borrowing) is reflected in the hidden dressing rooms, where floors, ceilings and walls are carpeted in pink – to create the illusion of unexpected space.

Longlisted for the Dezeen Awards 2018 (Retail Interior).

Photographer: Annabel Elston
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