An exclusive shopping salon for Farfetch in Tokyo

Inside Farfetch’s Tokyo office, for their very first personalized dressing suite, the studio elected to play with light and space The concept challenges the presumption that light is invisible and weightless. Juxtapose highly-polished, reflective steel side-tables and light-absorbent, brushed steel sofas with a dichroic glass – refracting its reflections into rainbows of colour – and the true materiality of light becomes apparent.

Traditional, minimalist Japanese aesthetics merge with the industrial materials of hyper-modern Tokyo so that sliding doors – an archetype of Japanese architecture – are in shimmering glass. Taking their cue from the neon-sheened metropolis beyond, the spectrum of colour they generate is reflected in the speckled foam-cushion seating and perforated stainless steel furniture – light in all its forms, sculpted into a stage for every garment.

Photographer: Annabel Elston
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